Specific Words in Hindi for LOVE

The Hindi language is rich in words. Its words are usually object-specific, and one can easily identify the nature of an object within a single word used. For instance, it has several different words for love, differing according to the object in mind.

Prem: It is the general word for “love”; but is usually used for friendly love.
Preeti: It usually carries the meaning of “love that contains delight”. This is the word used in the Hindi Bible in Peter’s answer to Jesus when He asked “Do you love Me more than these?”
Pyaar: It is a common word for love; but, nowadays is commonly used for romantic love.
Chaah: It usually means “like” or “desire”.
Anurag: Friendly love that is far deeper and means selfless love or affection.
Mitrabhav: Friendly affection

Sneha: It is the love that an elder has for the younger.
Vatsalya: It is a parent’s love for the child.
Mamata: It is the mother’s love towards her child.

Popularly today, Prem, Pyaar, Chaah…
Anurukti: Intoxicated love that sinks a person in thoughts of the object.
Asakti: Deeper intoxication in love – being lost in love.

Kama: Sensual Love, Kameccha: Sensual Feelings
Moha: Love towards worldly objects

Bhakti: It is superior to all other form of love. It is love in worship, love of the worshipper towards his/her God. In the Bible it is usually used for devotion, religion, and godliness.

4 thoughts on “Specific Words in Hindi for LOVE”

  1. love vo sabd hai jo dil se lagaya jata hai jese family.child,friend,par me to parmeswar yisu se pyar karta hu,kyunki parmeswar hum sab se pyar karta hai.


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